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Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Static Caravan

Static Caravan Maintenance

So, as another UK winter approaches its time to think about those maintenance jobs to help with the general upkeep of your holiday home and static caravan. The majority of current static caravans are created with modern materials and weather resistant components, and are intended and built to require minimal exterior care throughout the year. The weather, on the other hand, can take its toll on our vacation homes, so here are a few pointers to ensure your static house stay in fantastic shape for next season and beyond.

Static Caravan Exterior Maintenance

The accumulation of dust and dirt on the outside of your static caravan causes damp and moisture to adhere to the surface, speeding up the deterioration and weathering process. A thorough wash down, either by hand or with a pressure washer, is recommended.

Roof & Guttering

Moss and dead leaves will accumulate on the roofs of caravans, causing wetness and degradation, as well as clogging the guttering. A clear gutter is required to ensure that rainwater is directed as rapidly as possible away from the static trailer. As a result, it’s critical to inspect gutters on a regular basis and clean leaves, moss, and debris.

Checking The Anchorage Of Your Static Caravan

Secure your caravan to keep it safe in the event of a bad winter. Check for corrosion and notify the park owners if there are any severe issues. Make sure all debris and foliage is cleared from under and around the caravan so that air can flow and any wetness may be avoided.

Water Tank Maintenance

Clean the water tank and add anti-freeze to the entire system to prevent the pipes from freezing in the dead of winter.

Static Caravan Windows

It’s a good idea to inspect all of the windows before locking the caravan for the winter to make sure they’re in good functioning order. Damage to rubber seals or maybe loose windows will only get worse in the winter months due to heavy winds, so now is a good time to replace those that aren’t working. At the same time, make sure the locks and any window alarms are in working order.

Gas And Electrics

When the vacation house is empty for the winter, all gas and electrical systems should be turned off.

Condensation In Static Caravans

Some holiday home owners leave out dehumidifier crystals, moisture traps, or salt bowls to absorb the damp to help prevent the build-up of condensation and damp. The build-up of condensation is inevitable throughout the winter and these measures are a way of keeping condensation to a controllable level. Read our handy condensation in static caravans blog!

Used Static Caravans Cornwall

Purchasing a used static caravan is an excellent way to enjoy the luxury of owning your own vacation home at a lower cost than purchasing a new static caravan. We have a large selection of used static caravans in Cornwall. Our used static statics are available for purchase and can also be used as vacation homes. We can provide our customers with the necessary expertise to assist them in finding the ideal vacation home.

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