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Why You Should Swap Your Tourer For A Static Caravan

New Static Caravans

For many years, the static caravan has been a popular form of holiday accommodation, providing you with a mobile home-from-home holiday experience, whether you are enjoying a long holiday or a simple weekend escape.

Our range of Pemberton New Static Caravans provide you with the home comforts you deserve for your holiday getaway – including fully fitted kitchens, front patio doors, storage space, double glazed windows, bedrooms, bathrooms and more. Here are some more reasons why you might be better off opting for a static over a tourer.

Time Saving Holidays

Packing your tourer can be time-consuming and exhausting; loading and connecting it to your vehicle might take hours of preparation, leaving you with less time to enjoy your vacation! When you buy a static, you get rid of this chore right away, so you’re ready to go as soon as you arrive on site.

Static Caravan Facilities

Are you tired of your tourer caravan’s toilet or shower – or the lack thereof? Do you find it claustrophobic and aggravating? With a static caravan, all of your amenities are already in place. You can have a fully equipped kitchen, contemporary appliances, and en-suite bedrooms, especially in a modern caravan. You may also have access to all of the facilities, such as swimming pools, sports clubs, entertainment, and onsite stores, depending on the holiday park you choose.

Spacious Static Caravans

When compared to a tourer caravan, you will have plenty of space in a static caravan. Static caravans, which are equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, will provide you with the space you require and desire throughout your vacation. Instead of crowding visitors into your tourer, statics give you enough space to entertain guests as if they were in your own home.

Renting Your Static Caravan

Worried about the finances or furniture of your static caravan while you are not there? Renting or subletting a static caravan is a popular option amongst UK caravaners, which can help save you money on the cost of your static caravan in the long term. Not only will this earn you money to cover potential park fees and maintenance costs, you will have peace of mind that your caravan is being taken care of while it is unoccupied by your family or friends.

No More Caravan Queues

Forget about spending time adjusting your caravan to fit your vehicle; with a static caravan, you simply pull up and it’s ready to go! You only need to bring your essential mattress, food, and clothing, and you’re ready to go without the trouble of packing and transferring everything with a tourer.

Best Static Caravan Holidays

With such a diverse assortment of attractive coastal and inland areas in the UK, you may spend your free time exploring the place of your choice. It could be a vacation spot you’ve visited before or one you’ve heard fantastic things about. Having a static caravan allows you to get to know an area better, enjoy it as if you were a native, and take advantage of its beauty, activities, and restaurants.

All The Comforts Of Home

What a difference a little heat can make! Heating can make a major difference in how enjoyable your trip is, especially if you’re going away during the cooler months. Static caravans, unlike seasonal tourer trailers, have heating and double-glazed windows, guaranteeing that you have a comfortable trip.

Holiday Park Benefits

Your holiday park of choice may provide you and your family some wonderful perks in addition to being located in a vacation area. Your park may have a variety of community amenities, such as swimming pools and outdoor sports courts. Evening entertainment is frequently presented during busy seasons, providing a terrific opportunity for you to sit back and relax during your breaks!

Save Money With A Static Caravan

By swapping a tourer for a static caravan, you are cutting down on consumption of fuel you would otherwise use towing a heavy weight on the back of your car. With a static, you will just use electricity and in some cases gas.

Luxury Static Caravans

Needless to say, by swapping your tourer for a more luxurious static, you will notice a difference. Static caravans look and feel like you are living in complete luxury in comparison. Our Pemberton static holiday homes offer the latest style and design, with comfortable furniture and modern appliances. What more could you want!

New Static Caravans Cornwall

If you’re considering purchasing a new luxury caravan, pay a visit to Keith Cheesewright Caravans to see their selection. Our rates are surprisingly low, with luxury as standard, whether you are a leisure park owner looking to update your static caravans or a private owner wanting the best money can buy.

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