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Why You Must Add A Staycation To Your Summer Plans

Cornish Static Caravans


Winter is in full swing, and we are all planning on jetting off on an exotic getaway to soak up the sunshine I’m sure. Holidays are often adventurous, trying new foods and drunks, seeing magnificent new views and exploring – but in reality, time and money do not always allow for that to happen. We must feel lucky that we live in the UK, where there is beauty and adventure to be found right on your doorstep. Imagine not jet lag, exchange rates or hassle of finding a hotel. So now that you can see some benefits of a more local holiday, here is why you must add a static caravan and a staycation to your summer plans.

Be A Culture Vulture

It is easy to get lost in the adventure of amazing experiences abroad. But let’s not forget that your own culture can be just as interesting.

Let’s be honest, we all have a list of places in our mind that we have always to visit near our hometown. Maybe it’s time you took a long weekend to finally explore and gain a better understanding of your own culture and heritage. It will therefore make you more appreciative of other cultures when travelling in the future!

Support Local Cornish Tourism

Another huge benefit to travelling locally – you are giving extra support to your local economy and tourism. Check out the smaller static caravan parks, eat at the local bistros or spend at the smaller shops near you.

Local travel can be a great way to explore your own town or County, save money and ultimately have an adventure.

Stay In Cornwall

We’ve all been there when friends have come to visit, expecting a tour and fun things to do in your town. No matter if you have lived there for years, you might draw a blank!

Maybe a staycation in Cornwall can open you up to experiences that you can share with friends and family when they come to visit, and maybe even find a personal spot that you didn’t know existed.

Hassle Free Static Caravan Holidays

Staying local in a static caravan has many benefits over a foreign holiday. No time will be wasted on long-haul flights or cost of travel insurance or getting vaccinated. Its hassle free and allows for your holidays to be more spontaneous.

You can be adventurous at home. If you are feeling spontaneous, just buy a train ticket for the next train and explore the destination. Even getting in a car and just driving is sure to boost spontaneity!

Saving yourself hours, or even days, of travelling means that you can maximise your holiday time and maybe even pack in multiple smaller trips. Enjoy the flexibility that local travel offers you.

Save Money With A Static Caravan Cornwall

One of the most obvious but prolific benefits is the costs saved Transportation can be a drain on holiday funs, and flights can also eat a up a good chunk of your budget . Staying local slashes your transport costs, leaving money in your pocket that can be used for pure fun or saved for longer trips in the future.

Static Caravans For Sale Cornwall

Stocking the highest quality new and used static caravans, mobile homes and lodges is what we do here at Keith Cheesewright. We take great pride in providing high quality static caravans in Cornwall – whether they are new or used. So, if you are looking for a static caravan to enjoy your staycation, contact us today.


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