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Why Staycations Are The Best Holiday Choice

Why Staycations Are The Best Holiday Choice

You’ll see the holiday images from relatives and friends while idly scrolling through your social media accounts and think that looks great – but is it? Seriously, how do you feel about packing the kids, arranging airline flights, renting a car, and arranging hotel rooms, not to mention the potential for language problems and delays?

Tourism and travel within the United States is rising, and for good reason! The term “staycation” was coined in the mid-2000s as a way for families to refer to staying close to home during the holidays. Staycations are a fantastic alternative for many reasons for a range of people. They were coined for people who did not want to travel overseas or stay at home entirely. There are numerous advantages to having a place to retreat to when you need to without the hassle of planning and organising a vacation to a new location

Why British Holidays Are Still The Best

In 2019, approximately 75 million Britons went on holiday, with nearly a quarter of them happily spending their time away in static caravan parks around England’s shores. Because of the mediaeval castles, nearly forgotten railway stations, golf courses, and national parks, North Wales and Cornwall are among the most popular domestic destinations.

Traveling to exotic locations may appear more glamorous, but it is often stressful, and Britain has its own quiet charm that is often overlooked. The beauty of the dunes and sea in Cornwall, for example, or the wandering hills and hilly ranges in North Wales, as well as the excellent people and activities.

What Is A Staycation

Time off from work is seldom as plentiful as we would want, so making the most of it is essential! A staycation offers more vacation bang for your cash than standard foreign vacations. When you don’t factor in travel time when you get off work and arrive at your location, you might reclaim time that would otherwise be lost. By staying closer to home, you can avoid the airport. And why not get the holiday you have always wanted any time you want it by exploring our static caravans’ parks today.

The Best Static Caravan Holidays

Static caravans have the advantage of being able to enjoy a vacation or break at any time of year. On a caravan staycation, you won’t have to worry about the weather because there’ll always be somewhere to go if the weather turns bad, and you’ll still have plenty to do.

The Great British Caravan Staycation

Because youngsters are renowned for refusing to settle in unfamiliar settings, a caravan staycation is the ideal alternative for families. With a staycation in a static caravan, there are no irritable youngsters in hotel rooms who are unable to sleep because they are in unfamiliar surroundings. Your children will rapidly become comfortable with the site if you choose a static caravan, and you will be able to gradually expand the borders and not have to monitor them every second of the day if you choose an older child.

Pet Friendly Static Caravan Holidays

One of the best parts about a staycation is that your dog can accompany you instead of being confined to a kennel. Take man’s best friend on travels to national parks and beaches across the United States. He’s been welcomed in more locations than ever before.

Static Caravans For Sale Cornwall

Stocking the highest quality new and used static caravans, mobile homes and lodges is what we do here at Keith Cheesewright. We take great pride in providing all our customers with the best new and used mobile homes in the South West. If you are looking for static caravans for sale Cornwall, then you have come to the right place. At KC Caravans, we stock and sell a huge range of quality used and new static caravans. Our static and mobile homes are available to buy throughout the UK including Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. The mobile homes and caravans we supply come from some of the top manufacturers including; Willerby, Lisset, Cosalt, Atlas and many more.

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