What To Consider When Buying A Mobile Home

Buying A Static Caravan
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If you are about to buy your first static mobile home, (although they tend not to be that mobile in reality), also known as a static caravan, there are quite a few important things that need to be considered. Just like buying new and second-hand cars the prices can vary hugely between the two, but then so can the condition of the caravan or mobile home. Some pre-owned static caravans will have been looked after by their current owners to the extent that they are just like new. Many owners treat their static caravans as if they were their homes and will have spent a lot of time and money on them. These are the ones to look for!

Used Static Caravans Cornwall

There are numerous costs involved in buying a used static caravan and many of these are dependent on whether you purchase a new caravan or pre-owned one. If the mobile home is new, you need to ask if the purchase price includes transporting the van on to the site; the site commission – a premium usually added by the site for them handling the purchase; site fees for the pitch; and connection to the electric and gas.

If it is a second-hand mobile home, the above costs may already be included in the purchase price especially if you are buying one through a site and it does not need to be moved to another pitch.

Ask your holiday park owners how long you can keep a mobile home on their site before you need to replace it. For some there is no age limit on the caravan, for others it is a maximum of 15 years. Obviously, whilst this seems like a long time, are you happy to spend another substantial amount of money replacing it in a few years’ time. A pre-owned caravan will only have the balance of years left on the lease, for example, if you purchase a 3-year-old caravan, you may only be allowed to keep it on site for another 12 years.

Where To Site Your Second Hand Mobile Home?

This is one of the most important considerations you will have to make. If you have already chosen a mobile home park, and there are hundreds to choose from, then you are probably aware of the facilities that they offer. If not, you need to consider what facilities you want or require.

If you want peace and quiet, then it might not be appropriate to choose a site that has a swimming pool, numerous children’s play areas or night time entertainment as these will attract families with children. Do you prefer a site that is in a rural area, or would a coastal location with views be better? Do you require there to be a shop on site as some sites can be several miles away from the nearest town or village – not very convenient if you like a newspaper every morning.

Check Your Park For Flooding

Unfortunately, over the last few years we have seen an increase in flooding across the UK and this has obviously affected holiday parks across the country. All insurance companies will ask you if there is a history of flooding or storm damage at the park where you site your static, so asking the site owner for a history of the site would be advisable if not essential.

In England, the government website has flood maps where you can put in your site postcode.
In Wales, Natural Resources Wales have a similar website where you can zoom in and out of a map to see if there is a danger of flooding.
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) also have a postcode search facility.
The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Northern Ireland have an interactive map that can be searched.

Buying A Used Mobile Home

Do you think that you would like to sub-let your mobile home to bring in some income whilst you are not using it? – not all sites allow sub-letting and only allow family and friends to stay.

Do you own a dog? – again, not all UK holiday parks allow dogs, although this can be good news for many people. Conversely, some only allow dogs and no other types of pets.

When Will You Use Your Holiday Home?

Have you considered when you would like to holiday in your van? – in which case, if you are not intending to use it during the school holidays, a site with entertainment may not be an issue and might make it more attractive for your children and grandchildren to use.

Many holiday parks also close down during the winter months, partly due to the weather and also to allow them to carry out essential maintenance around the site. This also stops static caravan owners from using their vans all year round and therefore making them into residential parks.

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