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How To Protect Your Static Caravan

Protecting Your Static Caravan

How To Protect Your Static Caravan

Protecting your static caravan should be very important to you, it is your second home in many ways. Your caravans protection is especially vital for when your caravan is not in use and left empty for a large part of the year. British static caravans are quickly becoming the preferred option for many families who are restricted as to when they can take children away on holiday.

So, they are worth protecting.

Owning a static caravan is a sensible option when you consider the stress and cost of travelling to foreign lands with kids, and in peak periods like half term and school holidays. So, protecting your static caravan when you are not using it means you can ensure a happy holiday!

Whilst most UK caravan parks have onsite security, here are some things you can do for additional protection of your static caravan.

Protecting Your Static Caravan

It may seem obvious but locking doors and windows when you leave is essential. You would be surprised how many people forget to lock caravan doors and windows – resulting in burglary. Keep in mind is whether your caravan has double glazing, and if not then fitting some will add security.

Especially in the hot summer weather, you may be more inclined to leave windows open at night when in your caravan. If you do, use stops or stays that ensure they are not completely open to outside.

Fit A Motion Sensor Light

Something as simple as installing a motion sensor light around or outside your static home can prove to deter burglars. If your caravan pitch is flooded with bright light, it is very unlikely anyone would attempt to trespass and run the risk of being seen by a neighbour. Security lights can be purchased at places like B&Q – costing a reasonable price with minimal installation effort.

Static Caravan Alarms

One of the most effective thief-proof tools is a simple alarm. If it goes off it will be heard all over the park, alerting neighbours & staff to a possible problem or culprit. In most cases, the intruder will run away due to the attention. Some alarms even come equipped with an app that notifies you of a breach of your caravan.

How To Choose A Safe Holiday Park

Here are some basic checks you should do to ensure a safe holiday park and an enjoyable holiday:

  • Check or ask if your holiday park is a member of the “local watch” scheme. Parks that tend to, have less instances of theft or damage
  • Does the holiday park have security staff monitoring the caravans regularly? Is there an on-site alarm system and do they have CCTV?
  • Does your holiday park work with you to reduce the risk of theft and vandalism?
  • Is there property marking available and are your home contents entered on a property register locally?
  • At the end of the holiday season do you empty your Holiday Home of valuable possessions.

If a holiday park does not have all of the above, it should not deter you from pitching your caravan. It is a real bonus having those schemes in place, and lets you know the holiday park takes security seriously.

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